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new start

there were many moments backed up my many emotions that made me yearn 'to start a blog'...
all i was looking was for a gr8 event ,dat all GRE vocabulary can flamboyantly, dramatically, strikingly ( wat not 'ly') describe as a bodacious event,to happen. (just dat childish greed to attract the readers at the first visit.. blah blah blah.... imagning how gr8 the blog shld look and hw 'hi 5' my frnds shld talk abt it....  wat not imagination).. was looking for a 'giant leap'. was looking for a fairy to appear as a 'bolt out of the blue' and gift me with the best possible skills to create the best possible blog...  CRAP.. and now i decide to shut it all down..
something from the  inside told.. STOP.. all these days i ve been dreaming abt how popular my blog shld become. my 'blog' dat i had not even started... dat 'dreaming' is no longer to be continued..

now.. here i have this 'piece' in front so dat i need not dream but i can see how it looks..

it is not a surprise for me even if the 'blog' fades of with age or wat its fate would be..

at this time it is just going to be my 'diary' where i can note, scribble wat i need to remember in future.. At last i have a 'PURPOSE' behind. simple purpose behind.