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heart broken.. :(

I know its been a long time and io know i ve been lost. lost in nothing. and i know very weel that it is not for the good. anyways here is something dat broke my heart yesterday. little did i know that tornedo warning from storm TV and chris's mail regarding shift for the day cld give me an insight into how my husbands lunch breaks become a disaster.
everytime he complains to his mother that i do some last minute 'arai kurai' cooking for his lunch box, all i knew was that either i get angry or frustrated coz all these 'cooking experiments' and 'new dishes' i try out go unrecognised. I woke up only yesterday. since his daily work time was changed to evening shift we sat together for lunch with lots of odd stuff to eat. the centre piece of the show is the 'thogayal sadham' dat i had packed for him in the morning. I had a difficult time eating it and i felt so guilty to even let him eat it. the rice so all packed and became a big bulk of 'pongal' which even refused to be broken into 'urundai' so that it can be eaten and i heard my husbands voice say this' it is always like this and sumtimes my throat even refuses to let this thing in'.
I asked him if it would be better if i mix proper kuzhambu with rice and pack it, only to get a reply "only worse". chapathis were out of option because i was there. sitting with the chapathi prepared in the morning and microwaved in the aft for lunch. I was there sitting and seeing the reality of how my husband's lunch breaks are only pathetic.
Consequence of this event: several searches for 'lunch' menu in all my cooking guru's sites.

peyar soottu vizha..

Named my blog. Felt like me, my blog and my blogging have come to life. the "New Born"

Panner Burji... with a hint of sourness

Paneer... The hit in everyone's 'favourite' list. And now it is in my kitchen menu.
Compelled to finish off the two gallons of milk within a week, I went looking for ways to preserve milk in any form (milk or milk products). And this is when i tumbled upon paneer bhurji. With 6 cups of milk i ended up getting almost more than 2 cups of paneer and a lot of whey(that finally was used up by chapathi dough instead of water)

Now directly to the dish...
onion : 1 (chopped finely)
paneer : 1/2 cup (scrambled)
carrot : 1 big carrot (grated)
capsicum : 1/2 (cut into pieces)
yogurt : 1tsp
ginger garlic paste: 1/4 tsp
lemon juice: 1/4 tsp
chilli pwdr: 1/4 tsp 
garam masala : 1/4 tsp
turmeric powder: a pinch
salt : to taste
oil: 1 tsp
cumin seeds: a few(for tempering)

1) in a pan add oil and when it is medium heat add cumin seeds.
2)when they splutter, add ginger garlic paste and saute for a minute and add onion.
3)when the onion has changed colour, add turmeric pwdr, chilli pwdr, garam masala and stir well.
4)add carrots and mix it well by sprinkling water. add salt.
5)when the carrots are half cooked add capsicum and stir for 2 minutes.
6)Now add scrambled paneer and lemon juice and sprinkle water if the mixture is too dry.
7)when it is all cooked, add yogurt and stir and leave it for a minute.


1)I did not add lemon juice when i prepared this. My paneer itself had some 'lemon' acidic(sour) taste in it as idid not wash the paneer when i prepared it(after straining off the whey when the milk was completely curdled.) Moreover the curd was sour too.
2)the original recipe did not have curd. I added it coz our household is not a fan of too dry curries. esp for chapathi. the dish overall had a sour taste which was nice with chapathi. I am planning to change the curd+paneer ratio the next time to alter the sourness..

October 1.

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Happy Bday moms... :) miss u lots.. 

broken hard disk :(

ennoda 'velai thedum padalam' udaidhadhu...
ennoda hard disk oda serndhu.. :(

the only happening :)

the only happening in my life now is 'cooking'.. not just the day to-day.. but trying out new things..
'ponna porandhutu nalla samachadhuku ivlo aarpattam a?. periya vithai... ' nu think panravangaluku suganthi a pathi theriyala.. my friends can realise 'how happy this 'tomboy' girl should feel if she can cook well'..

my wedding annoucement itself was a big shock for my friends. of all the classmates 'me' getting married 'first' and becoming a family girl is sumthing none of them wld ve expected.. to tell u d truth i still can't differentiate kadalai parrupu and thuvaram paruppu...  but here i am making kolukattai for vinayagar chathurthi(dat too without tasting it until it is completely prepared and offered to vinayagar.. this surprised my husband a lot). thanks to all 'kitchen killadigal' and 'housemakers' for all ur online recipes... my godmother for cooking is jeyashri..

I wish i cld ve taken photographs of my gr8 accomplishments in cooking.. :(
with all this story as 'prologue', i am here to fulfil the purpose of 'my blog'. my space to scribble things dat i need to remember... ;)
the #1 of the list is going to be my favourite chicken kulambu's recipe..

Disclaimer: indha recipe il edam perum ingredients, their propotion, seimurai, anaithum karpanai alla.. muzhuvadhum innoru website il irundhu copy adika pattavai ae.. any deviation from ur original recipe resulting as a spoiler to the taste is not coincidence, but my mistake.

Chicken - 1 kg
onion - 2 (chopped)
tomato - 2(chopped)
Turmeric pwdr - 1 tsp
Chilli pwdr - 1 tsp
Corriander pwdr - 1 tsp
mustard - 1 tsp
cumin - 1 tsp
fennel - 1 tsp
oil - 4 tbsp
salt - to taste

To roast and grind
Red chillies - 10
Corriander seeds - 4 tsp
ginger - 2 inch
garlic - 12flakes
cinnamon - 4inch
coconut - 4 tsp
pepper - 2 tbsp                        (OMG!!!!!!!!! idha type panradhukullaye tired aiten.. naan lam epdi than
                                                 indha blog a maintain panna poreno.. )
1) Marinade the chicken with turmeric pwdr and chilli pwdr.
2)Roast and grind the ingredients mentioned into a paste. (this is the thickening for gravy. so keep it thick by adding less water)
3)In a (preferably thick bottom) kadai heat oil to medium temperature and add tempering(mustard,cumin,fennel).
4)Add chopped onion and saute till golden brown and add chopped tomato and saute for a minute
5)Add the chicken and leave it for 5 min(leaving it too long will remove the water content from chicken and make it so chewy)
6)now add the ground paste and leave for sometime.
7)add water and corriander pwdr according to the consistency needed and salt for taste.let the curry boil well and chicken get cooked.
This curry is my favourite coz f d fact dat none of the 'branded' masala from market is needed. As a lover of pepper taste i prefer to change the proportion b/w red chilly and pepper to be ground into paste. Infact i use pepper powder for marinade. the smell of pepper boiling with chicken marinade b4 adding paste is the best flavour i love)

PS:when u see pic in this post, dat means i ve done dis gravy at home.. ;)
PPS: the first recipe i tried and wld like to keep recorded and cook till d end.... :)

new start

there were many moments backed up my many emotions that made me yearn 'to start a blog'...
all i was looking was for a gr8 event ,dat all GRE vocabulary can flamboyantly, dramatically, strikingly ( wat not 'ly') describe as a bodacious event,to happen. (just dat childish greed to attract the readers at the first visit.. blah blah blah.... imagning how gr8 the blog shld look and hw 'hi 5' my frnds shld talk abt it....  wat not imagination).. was looking for a 'giant leap'. was looking for a fairy to appear as a 'bolt out of the blue' and gift me with the best possible skills to create the best possible blog...  CRAP.. and now i decide to shut it all down..
something from the  inside told.. STOP.. all these days i ve been dreaming abt how popular my blog shld become. my 'blog' dat i had not even started... dat 'dreaming' is no longer to be continued..

now.. here i have this 'piece' in front so dat i need not dream but i can see how it looks..

it is not a surprise for me even if the 'blog' fades of with age or wat its fate would be..

at this time it is just going to be my 'diary' where i can note, scribble wat i need to remember in future.. At last i have a 'PURPOSE' behind. simple purpose behind.