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Kollu Dosai

Kollu or horsegram is a low fat food and is ideal for people who like to diet or lose weight.  Kollu chutney has been on our kitchen menu for a long time and a new entry is this kollu dosa. People who intend to eat kollu regularly on a daily basis or on alternate days should take measures to cool their system with lot of fluids, fruits etc. 

Healthy low fat dosa!


Kollu or Horsegram 1/2 cup
Rice flour 1/2 cup
Salt to taste.

How to:

  • Soak the kollu or horsegram for almost 12 hours. You can soak the rice flour as well. It is optional though.
  • If soaking rice flour use water just enough to make a dough, a little softer than chapathi dough. Once you run this through the blender, it will become watery.
  • Drain the water after 12 hours and add the soaked horsegram/ kollu to a blender. Pour cold water and blend for 5-10 minutes. Cold water prevents the batter from heating up.
  • Once the kollu is blended, add the rice flour and run the blender again. Use water if needed.
  • Consistency is the same as usual idli batter. Add salt to taste.
  • Leave the batter for a couple of hours and then you can make dosas out of it.

Enjoy with chutneys. This dosa goes well with coconut chutney or tomato chutney.


  1. While making dosas, make sure the dosa tawa or skillet is hot. After you pour the batter and shape the dosa, you can cook it in medium flame.
  2. Before you make the next dosa, let the skillet to become hot again. Wait for a few seconds before you make the next dosa. 
  3. The skillet should be hot enough to sizzle, when you sprinkle water on it. 

For a long time now I am trying to find recipes that replace rice. For the past 2 years or so me and bhaskar have been very occupied with the online business and now since the hustle and bustle have calmed down, it is high time we turn our attention towards our health. I have been trying to find new recipes with grains and pulses that replace rice.
Finally found a perfect recipe for horsegram dosa or kollu dosai and i put it to test during our breakfast today. After having a few idlis, I made bhaskar 2 dosas, one with kollu batter and other with usual batter. I was eagerly awaiting the result as bhaskar was eating them, not knowing that his palate was putting my kollu dosa recipe to a test. Guess what! Finally when I told him about the kollu dosa, he said that it didnt taste really different!
Voila! A new dish with kollu.
Please let me know your comments once you try this recipe in your kitchen..

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