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Liebster Award

An Award from Just Not The Cakes:  Liebster Award

Thank You +Shey divine

The year 2014 started off with a very good vibe. I was awarded another award by +Shey divine for Brussel Sprouts Poriyal. Thank You sweetie for helping me start off this year with your encouragement.

Liebster award is nothing but an virtual award / recognition given to the upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is to recognize the effort and time they have spent on blogging. This award also helps to motivate to keep on blogging wonderful recipes and also to introduce to the rest of blogging world.

The person who receives the award , will have to share it with another 5 -10 bloggers and have to follow few tasks. ( Nothing to worry , they are simple ) .
Blog about the award in your space.
Copy and paste the badge and mention about the the person who nominated you .
Answer to the questions asked by the person who nominated you .
Nominate another 5-10 bloggers who have less than 200 followers .
Now frame your own questions to the nominees .

These were the questions asked by Shey.

1. Before and after blogging , what changed your life ?
 My attention to detail when I cook has improved. I am careful about every ingredient that I put or decide not to put ina dish. My cooking itself has changed on total. 

2. When and what motivated you to blog ?
 My better half of course.

3. Who chose the name of your blog ? and why ?
 I chose the name because the past 2 years have changed a lot in me, and I beleive that it all happened as I was slowing becoming a mother. 
Love changes a person. 

4. What is the best and favorite recipe you have posted so far ?
 Shrimp with poppy seeds and cashews is my all time favorite recipe prepared by me. Cashew and poppy seeds give it an awesome creamy flavor and a restaurant style taste without all that artificial cream.

5. How often you post recipes in your blog ?
I want to post one a day. I try to post one a week. But what actually happens is one a fortnight. 

6. Who is your role model ?
Role model... I have lots of them. I am perosn with loads and loads of ideologies. To name a few, I like Swami Vivekananda when it comes to religious ideas. I adore actor Sivakumar for passion towards cultural values. I revere a lot of Congress and DMK leaders for their love towards India's growth and future.
And of all people, my dad and my husband, the two most wonderful men in my life, for their brains. 

7. What are your favorite spices ?
I like mint.

8. What is the most popular recipe / post in you blog ?
Spicy Brussel sprouts stir-fry is the most popular recipe in my blog.

9. If you were asked to bake which of this will you choose  Chocolate Cake / Focaccia / Pizza / Strawberry Swiss Roll ?
 chocolate cake. Guess it would be the easier one :D

10. Who Clicks and edits the photographs for your blog ? and what is your favorite font ?
 I click and edit the photographs and Comic Sans is my favorite font and it will always be.. 

Now here are my question to the nominees.

1) What inspired you to start a blog?
2) Who is your favorite cook and what dish?
3) What would you call your 'guilty pleasure' with respect to food?
4) Tell us your favorite veggie and fruit.
5) What restaurant food would you like to prepare often in your kitchen?

Here are my nomiees for this award.