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Happy New year and Wheat ladoo

New Year with sweets:

The years 2013 is coming to an end and let’s welcome 2014 with sweets. Wheat ladoo is a sweet that I have been preparing for almost all festivals and functions in 2013. So, what better way to bid adieu to 2013 than to prepare wheat ladoo.
And coconut ladoo has been on my to-try sweet list for a long time now. What better way to welcome 2014 than preparing something that I wanted for a long time.
Let’s start with the wheat laddoo


Wheat flour 1 cup
Sugar ¾ cup or less
Ghee or melted butter 2 tblsp
Broken nuts 1 tblsp

How To:

  • Dry roast the wheat flour in medium flame for atleast 15-20 minutes until you smell the nice aroma. The wheat flour should not have the raw smell.
  • Add the sugar once the raw smell of wheat leaves. After about 2 minutes, add the ghee or melted butter and the nuts if you are using.
  • Switch off the flame and wait for 5 minutes so that the mix gets warm. Once warm, start making small balls out of the flour mix using your hand.
  • You can add little butter if the flour doesn’t come together sticky enough to make ladoo.


Preferably use a flat large skillet with a strong base. This helps spread the flour evenly to roast it.

You can sprinkle a couple of tsp of water in case you are not comfortable to adding lots of ghee.

Do not burn the sugar-flour mix in flame for a long time. 

I added sugar crystals instead of powdered sugar as the wheat flour was very smooth and i wanted the ladoos to be a little crunchy.

I am submitting the recipe to Lets Cook for Christmas and Lets cook christmas party food.